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Chiropractic Care

Healing doesn’t come from outside your body — it starts from within. Your nervous system is the master system that allows communication to flow between the brain and body, controlling every organ, cell and tissue. When there’s interference present, your nervous system can’t function properly. Your body won’t be able to, either!

Dr. Aaron focuses on using chiropractic care to help your nervous system work at its optimal capacity, facilitating the body’s natural healing abilities. When your nervous system is operating well, you can see many benefits of chiropractic care: diminished aches and pains, higher immune function and better overall well-being.


A Specific Analysis and Treatment

Spinal model up closeDr. Aaron learned about the Gonstead method during his years in chiropractic college. His wife, plagued with multiple weekly migraines for years, went to a Gonstead chiropractor and saw incredible changes in her health. Dr. Aaron’s aches and pains that had troubled him for years were also relieved with this technique. These turnarounds solidified his desire to extend the technique to others.

We also use the Webster Technique on expecting moms to align their pelvis and body.

Dr. Aaron will discuss his technique with you before starting to make sure that you know what to expect. Different adjusting styles are available based on your preference and comfort level.

Reaching Peak Performance

When you have proper spinal biomechanics, one of the benefits is injury prevention.

Dr. Aaron can make sure your spine and nervous system integrity are at the highest possible levels, allowing you to excel. Numerous professional athletes such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods agree that chiropractic care gives them an edge!

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